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No matter what time of year you visit Alice Springs, you are a sure to remember it forever!

Central Australia is a semi arid environment and experiences all four of Australia's seasons – summer, autumn, winter and spring. Central Australia's climate is one of clear blue skies through most of the year, infrequent rain and an average of 9 hours of sunshine all day. This is a typical weather pattern of a desert region which has low erratic rainfall, long hot summers and short, sunny winters with frosty mornings.

Summer (December – February) has hot days and nights
Autumn (March – May) has warm days and nights, cooling down after summer
Winter (June – August) has cool sunny days with cold nights
Springs (September – November) has warm days and nights

What to wear

Most of the year casual clothing is best – cool, light, comfortable clothing in summer. During Autumn and Spring evenings, a light jacket may be required. During winter, warm sensible clothing is recommended, especially in the evenings, as the nights are cold and crisp.